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All of our products are designed by our creative Designer Titine Sy in her home studio located in Georgia, USA. Her products use high quality materials and the final craft shows an ultimate attention to fine details.The excellence of the product is for her the result between tradition and contemporary fashion. It is her aim to complete a leather product which meets the modern needs of versatility, elegance, and affordability. Her partners, the  leather artisans in Italy also ensure that they use natural substances in the tanning process which gives to the leather its unique subtility, high quality that makes the surface of the handbags and accessories shine. 


An Italian leather product is the result of centuries of experience and in the leather and tanning production. Many of our products have indeed unaltered designs which are typical of an ancient product with modern functions. This is our distinguishing feature and strength.


After years of extensive travels through Europe and Italy and visits to local Italian artisans, Elegance By tasee's creative Founder Titine Sy was able to partner with local leather crafters who brought her designs and creations to life.

Leather workshop
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